About Sick City Walks

The Sick City Walks app was constructed with funding from a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowship.

The app has been developed and produced by Joanna Rahim of The Galton Lab and Will Tinsdeall of BCS Lichfield.

The main narrator on all walks is Dr Richard Barnett. Richard is a historian of medicine and Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow. He is the author of 'Medical London' (2008) and 'The Book of Gin' (2012), and runs the Sick City Project.

‘Death By Water’, ‘Dutch Courage’ and ‘Liquid History’ feature guest narration from Kelley Swain. Kelley is Poet in Residence at the Whipple Museum, Cambridge University, and her personal website and blog is www.kelleyswain.com. 'Sensational Bodies' features guest narration from Victoria Coombes. 'Tall Ships and Tropical Diseases' features guest narration from Rachael Grace Black. Rachael is an actress and poet, and her personal website is www.rachaelgraceblack.co.uk. 

For details of the images used in the app, please see the copyright page for each walk.