The presence of Shoe Lane Library, just across the road, reminds us that in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the Fleet inspired a torrent of poetry. How did Ben Jonson, Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope turn the Fleet to their own satirical ends?


Walks through this point

London has many lost rivers, but the greatest of them all is the mighty Fleet – a prehistoric tributary, a Roman trade route, a medieval moat, an eighteenth-century eyesore and a Victorian sewer. Join us as we paddle – metaphorically – in the Fleet’s lower reaches, exploring the experiences of those who have lived and died beside it over two thousand years. 

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Distance: 2.5 miles / 4 kilometres

Start: Argyle Square, WC1H (nearest tube is Kings Cross)

End: Riverside path underneath Blackfriars Bridge, EC4Y (nearest tubes are Blackfriars / St Paul's / Temple)

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