For centuries One Tree Hill was the focus of drunken frolics at Greenwich Fair. But as we’ll discover, it has a little-known connection to the invisible networks of modern global navigation.


Walks through this point

Greenwich, the ‘green port’, is London at its most graceful. Quirks of geography – the sublime, sheltering curve of Greenwich Hill, the flat riverside terrace, the power and depth of the river at this point – made it a perfect place for a maritime settlement. And its distance from the medieval city made Greenwich a haven for aristocrats and merchants seeking to escape from London’s squalor and delinquency: for centuries this isolated village was home to palaces, mansions and monasteries. But as Britain extended her global reach through trade, conquest and exploration, and as the city grew outwards, so Greenwich took on a new role as London’s window on the world, the oracle of global time and a notorious hotspot for spies, saboteurs and pleasure-seekers. Join us for a walk around this exotic entrepot – half port, half palace – and get a rare breath of London’s historic sea air.

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Distance: 2.3 miles / 3.8 km

Start / end: Cutty Sark DLR station


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