spite therefore of the extent of these changes they are not to be

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J. E. aged twenty had acquired gonorrhoea three months before he was first

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The question of sewerage is indeed one of great importance to the

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lymph and synovia to be equally impregnated with urates and sodium

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parts as to make thcra unfit for subsequent microscopic or otlier

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The secretion of sweat is also profoundly affected in various diseased

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sites of uratic deposits may be mentioned the articulations of the jaws

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without a microscopical examination nor as a rule the presence of a

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not universal support from the medical profession to extend the pro

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mouth that attend any profuse drain of water from the system as

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lymph glands. We have thus to conceive of a constant stream of fluid

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there is a stoppage somewhere along the duct and the secretion col

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ulceration. The coats also were much swollen by exudation into the

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and tenesmus. The stools contain blood and pus in large quantities and

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attempt to stand or walk. Occasionally the pain is so severe that the

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disease. But the symptoms of this affection present many differences

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The wood cuts arc fronn the original water colors of Dr. Quincy.

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very large doses are employed and as Pariser pointed out neither the

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lumbar vertebrae. The pain varies in character and intensity usually it

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manipulation of the auricle are sufficient to ensure a clear view. The

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establishing a drainage. In the first case a sero sanguinolent fluid

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stated. Such abscesses may lead to a communication between the stomach

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forming a mixture which can be easily strained through muslin. From

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of peritoneum binding the viscera to the abdominal wall these folds

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to those which have been produced experimentally by various lesions of

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third or fourth day. Cancerous stricture of the colon frequently termin

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those who best knew him especially those who were associated with him

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turbance produced by fright anger or the vexation of crossed purpose

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We shall therefore submit to them the question whether this en

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Simple Acute Oesophagitis. Acute Catarrhal Oesophagitis is rarely

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hypothesis that a more active stimulus than usual is required to call

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membrane. The cells are derived partly from the leucocytes of the blood

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very strong proof that pelvic diseases are of very common occurrence

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described on p. 779. A careful dissection of so called retrocaecal hernias

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