intussusception however could scarcely originate in any other way than

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intestinal fermentation. Any laxative which does not contain sugar may

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deposits as shewn in the following experiments A metatarsal bone

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whatever the nature of the disease may be. Our aim should be to

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is a profound disturbance of the respiratory mechanism the lower ribs

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it is preceded by nausea eructations slight intra abdominal uneasiness or

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the umbilicus. Localised peritonitis has determined the point of attach

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When we turn to consider symptoms other than gastric which are

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apt to lead to double and even triple intussusceptions. In Mr. Watson

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instrument and an elastic catheter left in the urethra.

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complex neuro muscular apparatus with an extensive vascular supply

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solution. This may be injected either intravenously or per rectum the

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disease appears to be materially shortened. This is more especially the

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tions in the amount of normal constituents instead of confining it as

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ptosis when the normal support has become deficient.

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with a congenital stricture below it. When an enteric intussusception

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certain time over each meal and to chew each mouthful of food well

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The latter are probably the more frequent and are developed in patients

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rather colicky than burning in character as in gastric ulcer it is not

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made her wild with excitement though used liberally while fifteen to

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Girls are somewhat more liable to be affected than boys seven of the

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Bertrand and Fontan to the irregular pieces of a child s geographical

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in the large intestine. The intestinal contents retained behind the stric

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frequently presents a certain amount of interstitial hepatitis and


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