all furnish hints to the observer. But the nature of the urine

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M. Bourdelot est toujours en son abbaye de Mace en Berri

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all the wound consolidated without a drop of matter so

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un beau livre bien relie in octavo de Gul. Pufeanm De phar

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d etre fort savant c etoit lui qui travailloit aux livres grecs

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master of the English tongue so that his thoughts fell upDn

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outlines the change stopped short at the point of division

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derangement of the knee joint. Until surgeons connnenced

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Je vous baise les mains et a mademoiselle votre chere et in

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different forms of what is commonly called puerperal fever.

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April i6th 1860 we sowed a trace of beer yeast high

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Les rois de Suede et de Danemark s entre cherchent pour se

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It was by a mere coincidence that the next important

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cylinders and to maintain intact their original condition so far

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du gibet un homme de Montargis. comme 1 imprimeur a

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shows such a separation. He concluded that the old concep

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and diffuse so that the normal outlines become somewhat

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j appris d un Hollandois que Ton imprime a Amsterdam de

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vessel it had disappeared gradually as it got broken up into

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horse suffering from colic is a wide and spacious enclosure in

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Course. This is chronic lasting months and even years.

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que Ton donne en France ne valent jamais rien qu un an on

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dren and at the same time some of his servants and the

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diarrhoea sHght colic pains arching of the back urine dirty

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a decouverts pour quelque argent qu il a eu de la Societe.

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lest the blood when most forcibly impelled should flow back.

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thoroughly wholesome. See the tests made by Pusch. It is not impro

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knee splint. He designed this splint so that it could prevent

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Marshall Hall was duly elected a Fellow of the Royal

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changes. The frequent accentuation of the heart beat which

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raison ne la pouvant obtenir au conseil a cause du president de

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tenant ce que feront ou diront ces six censeurs centre ce beau

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of the extremities behind. Either a paresis of both sides of

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pass through various stages. It will be best to follow the rule

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Courtenai qui s etoit ici rendu suspect a cause du cardinal

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to the heart from parts and members of the body. These

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analogy of what is known both of the past and present

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un de nos anciens tres savant. Albertus le Febvre etoit ici en

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injured or diseased part was ripe for motion when consolidation

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meilleure heure s il ne veut une autre fois etre attaque car

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changed for he was an evolutionist but fortunately for us

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plaisants Ils ont une permission du roi d environ trois cents

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that from the shoulders and a lymphatic of the uterus as

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lons faire en Italic 1 ete prochain et pour apaiser 1 affaire

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fiax foreign bodies especially sand and gravel the eating of

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by surgeons and quoted as evidence of immediate union of

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all the complaint as a rule only occurs in dogs which have lived

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lapse of the first week and the larger the wound the more

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rapidly subsides. It occasionally happens particularly in cases

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ses Formules. Du reste il est bon auteur je le mets au rang

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experience had shown their effect to l e bad but because they

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quantity of variolous matter inserted into the skin makes any

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serviront a augmenter le revenu ecclesiastique de celui qui

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these last mentioned formations wanted the connecting

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that the cartilage is laid bare. The lungs often show circum

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on the suspicion of a secret treasure was dragged before

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of the heart very often in that of a ventricle or auricle and

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town at the time of the fatal puerperal cases which have

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The patient then informed me that as soon as the specialist

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apparent when we come to examine the conditions under

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fossil state unless imbedded in some matrix which is im

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true one. In another chapter we shall have occixsion to

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tact with the cellular membrane. This practice was attended

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central Germany fourteen days which term varies in different

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on the possibilities of the past than patiently to explore the

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Dr. Copland insisted that contagion had caused these cases ad

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vont envoyer une lettre circulaire par toute la France a tous les

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Hesse lui envoie aussi des troupes. Tout cela Fait contre le

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bien prendre leurs mesures pour leur conservation et se de

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prolonged cases or with excessive anaemia is objectionable. A

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it was in 1837 the year in which Queen Victoria ascended

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something of that quality of the hydra which we name con

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dition of parts in deformed feet. P ortunately for the aim

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enhanced by the great contrast in kind or intensity of the

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in three distinct points. The pustules which arose in con

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But this other circumstance has to be noted The arm

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des nouvelles de votre sante des eaux de Vichy et de votre

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rois est toujours pleine de telles gens qui cherchent a faire

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dusting on which will remain a long time lying between the

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aorta sustains a more powerful shock from the left than the

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It was by a mere coincidence that the next important

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tion so long as other symptoms are favorable. The surgeon

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plus eclaires nc seront point exempts de partialite et tTinjustice dans

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of its own accord as it would have to pass from larger

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and make ih movable. This gentleman employed a great

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epithelium of the excretory ducts of the glands considerable

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symptoms of colic which in dogs may amount to frenzy. The

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in all cases where the bottom of the sea has been undergoing

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body which is encased in plaster of Paris is reduced to exactly

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the former case then we see that the animal economy is

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demeure je voudrois qu il m eut coute cent ecus par an et

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lesquelles il y avoit quelques presomptions et conjectures cri

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to discovery. The eye that interprets the falling apple always

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to the gills be divided at the moment when the heart be

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Medical Society. We find him using spare intervals to master

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messes se sont laisse gagner a Guenaut et ont signe que

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symptoms of illness we can think of no better expression to

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pressure is active. If a bone becomes soft and bends they

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These three elements make up the reflex spinal arcs which

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the present statement of the nature of the products formed

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rarcheveche dc Paris. Son confrere le cure de Saint Severin

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only at the epiphyseal lines. In another series he repeated

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ici enterre un de nos compagnons nomme de J. Saint Yon de

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affected are lost. It is possible that some of the diseases designated as

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The course of the disease may be either acute or chronic.

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result of temporary hyperaemia due for instance to chill.

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mined beyond its limits while the soft parts were generally

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hardly any fever. But the pulse on the contrary is usually

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M. de Longueville avoit trois enfants deux ills et une fille

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disposition. In some cases the cause remains unknown but

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Casal elquosa belle maison deCormeillesn eul pas etepillee 1.

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lorsqu ils viennent a tromper leurs maitres et a manquer en

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orthopjiedic armamentarium What can operative measures

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Le Mazarin a eu quelques attaques de goutte depuis huit

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there may be no diarrhoea. If the catarrh be confined to the

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Science is built up of successive solutions given to questions

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vaginitis peritonitis or metritis. Traumatic influences such

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water soap and water glycerine etc. Kattner Schindelka

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ages are attacked and in Schweinsberg the sickness often carries ofi every

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tion were more violent than is commonly observed when per

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que les protestants se rejoindront ensemble pour le meme

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being now most unequivocal my friend declined visiting all

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the oppo d surfaces of an inflamed joint but he quite over

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des cnlamiles et de la misere de notre siecle pardonnez

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cnfants 1. Tandem attigi met am. Je me recommande a vos

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lence qu il a faite a la comedie au Marais du Temple avec

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IN the course of an extended investigation into the na


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