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should bear in mind that the presence of diarrhoea does not

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acidity or alkalinity. It is a peculiarity dependent on ex

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result from strong mechanical force. It occurs after a violent

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in quantity with a corresponding rise in specific gravity

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Nous avons ici malade un mediant fripon de notre metier

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Definition. Spasmodic or cramp colics are those caused

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There should be nothing very surprising in the fact that

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his own words I do not see how he can deny that the

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Treatment. The therapeutic measures for acute gastro

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and removed the boy was unable to sit or stand in comfort.

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In support of so extraordinary a fact I shall lay before

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Acute gastric catarrh is very often compUcated with catarrh of

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master s cows in May 1796. She received the infection on

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one of the greatest improvements that has ever been made

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which appear in the later course of septicsemia puerperalis

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soil and by giving common salt phosphate of lime etc. We

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Nouvelles sont arrivees ce matin que le cardinal Mazarin

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and occasionally spreads to other portions of the common

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were those of mycotic gastro enteritis viz.. sudden attack paralytic

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stress block engineering

wedge shaped sharply defined infiltrations are produced. The

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most frequently on transfer from the byres to cold wet and


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