power of the disease. This would be a valid argument if its only

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she was placed her clothing having been previously removed on a

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In cases of tendency to diarrhoea from cold and indeed in all cases

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tions present in these two diseases and to treat the former on the

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inflammatory exudation and the degree of fever is to be observed for

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precipitation of the glycocholic acid. This however should constitute no

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septic states of the mouth arising from stomatitis or carious teeth faecal

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cannot do better than adopt a purely vegetarian diet for the nonce all

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the plasma. These changes have been chiefly followed by observations

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nerve. Duchenne in his second edition recognizes only a rheu

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The symptoms of chronic intussusception are often obscure and mis

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irrespective of the nature of their disease..Whether we recommend the

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cavity and accumulating there give rise to chondrophytic and ultimately

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absence of hydrochloric acid and the presence of lactic acid and sarcinae

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attack but that they cannot be regarded as prime or essential factors in

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These points he illustrates in detail in the succeeding eight chapters.

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the amount of blood retained within the veins is often of the greatest

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and muscular layers were affected. Dr. Shaw has published a fifth

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from which it follows that a relatively small amount of air pressure on

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if the strangulation be relieved at this stage the patient frequently dies

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rhage or of perforation. If haemorrhage in the form of melaena be the

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deaths from this disease 54 per cent occur under five.

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Sir Alfred Garrod by quantitative analysis obtained from the blood

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and the Volkmann s method of scarification noticed in a previous

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hydropathic establishments is to be deprecated A general

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at the present time the belief is almost universally entertained that

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which I need not repeat here. Like gastralgia it is often associated

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certain modifications. He recommends a diet consisting of gelatin fat


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