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circulation ceases. In these cases distension engorgement and extra

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The best food is simply milk diluted with one fourth to one half

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adhesive inflammation between stomach diaphragm and left lung so

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J. Clarence Blake. Annual Report of the Massachusetts Charita

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pretenders to massage few are they who by training and natural

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and like the bones yield under traction and pressure. Thus the liga

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visible to the naked eye and in stained specimens the Oppler Boas

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very remote possibility. The cases occurring in this room and the

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band is a lighter stripe the middle plate the central partition of an

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catamenia last longest in those women who menstruate early who

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to long continued dull pain with exacerbations in the right hypo

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pericardium are concerned. Various names have been given to this

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be in perfect equipoise or so nearly so as to present no appreciable

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especially of the proteolytic and that the application of the usual tests

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spicuous even when by strain and pressure the muscularis of the fundus

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Placing patients in a bell chamber was observed to overcome the

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Murphy s button enteroliths faecal masses or large gall stones or the

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of muscular power succeeded. The full eflect of the jjoisoning seems to

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mucus and catarrhal products. Another case was that of a man aged

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A CIRCULAR has lately been issued to the surgeons Field and Hospital

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volumes of their various constituents. Thus to judge by the tables

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Capsulated bacilli such as B. friedlaenderi and many organisms of

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have no place in the clinical picture of gonorrhoeal rheumatism in any

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secutive patients Glenard found both the right kidney and the lower part

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pain he suffered and the rapid growth of the tumor together with the

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it as the sequence of some inflammatory process and advising partial exci

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and the plantar responses extensor. The left leg is not only spastic

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may be felt deep in the epigastrium and an enema usually produces a

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convalescent from a severe and prolonged attack died with all the

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enemy is not altogether dormant even during the intervals and he is

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are frequently preceded by slight alimentary disturbance such as vomiting

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tion possible of the sugar formed. The diastatic action of the pan

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when the distension reaches up to the small intestine vide p. 720.

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very closely related to adenoma. Villous tumours of the stomach are

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a few days according to the course of the disease with daily irregular

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more satisfactory if surgical measures had been resorted to at an early

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rhythmical movements of the head often but not invariably associated

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of gout. Meat and highly nitrogenised articles of food lead to an

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Two of the most important points in the treatment of rheumatoid

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incision and then incising the peritoneum outside the colon as if to get

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any such meaning. Mr. Squire it will be seen asserts morever that

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clinical evidence are quite unreliable. A scientific classification of appen

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Lecture I. on the Physical Conditions of Mental Functions in


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