It appeared to them far more philosophical to speculate

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I shall now conclude this inquiry with some general

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The principal facts however are too vivid upon my recol

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On dit qu a cette derniere defaite des Espagnols le prince

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the stomach and attributed death to their presence there as

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Etiology. The injurious effects of an exclusive diet of

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couuu riulelligente harmonic des droils et des devoirs de chacun.

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de Sillery sont allos en Espagne faire avancer le secours quo

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The following are unfavourable signs Symptoms suggestive

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generation of the muscular fibres. The wall of the right heart

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may set aside tartrate of lime in an insoluble crystalline powder along

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in the absence of air which are precisely the conditions that

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Ton fait dorenavant plus de mechanls livres que de bons. Et

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as internal resident surgeon he returned from a Hying and

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acquired an extensive and very practical knowledge of a

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knowledge in which the disease had at different times and

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infected cow or servant it had been preceded at the farm

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tion. We know indeed that new deposits are annually

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diffusely congested or shows red spots it is swollen and

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which perhaps led Aristotle into the error of supposing this

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stand its fertility. With no professional authority but with

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the heart and even its right auricle had ceased pulsating

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reimprimoit a Lyon in folio l. Je serai toute ma vie monsieur

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temps de concurrence ardenle el d apres convoilises comme dans celui

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to the English public. We thus see that in the year 1823

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point voulu entendre Valot qui leur en vouloit parler pour

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already classified it. As the so called enzootic gastro enteritis

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par derriere un mal habile chirurgien y fut appele qui

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such a property as Hunter ascribed to arteries and absorbents

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serio cogitarint depapatu. La femme de 1 ambassadeur de Hol

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in colour but containing no blood corpuscles. The disease

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always a time when the yeasts are in this state of vigorous

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ness is at times almost epidemic. Friedberger describes an

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la bouche d un president au mortier fils d un chancelier de

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bone during the three years of his curatorship are recorded in

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cette vilaine bete metaphysique cornue et fort affreuse a ce

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He noted that when a burden was carried on the shoulder it

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to assert that the successes as well as the failures of Sur

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they collect in puddles and are again absorbed by the dogs.

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lymph thrown out between the broken ends could eventually

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So in the mesenteric veins of an animal we do not find

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it is matter of necessity that the blood perform a circuit

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which without being absolutely essential would render the

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false for simple inspection of the incubated egg and of

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He therefore examined with a lens his detached strips of

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available blood channels that they continue to grow in calibre

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lulose substances as these are carbo hydrates. We have

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In so far then carbolic acid and decomposing substances

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poitrine septimo die morbi sans avoir ete saigne tanti est sa

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cattle and smaller ruminants especially goats this disease has been

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avoit pris Girardin lequel depuis est mort dans Anvers a

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il a les jambes el les pieds enfles. Gare 1 hydropisie 1 hiver

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is the volume of illustrations with whicli Delpech supplemented

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pour la prise de Gravelines et de Mortare oil les quatre com

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such fellows and straightway turn Doctors lie would never

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veau maitre lutherien qui trouvera fort a sa bienseance de

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de Pologne pour lui aider a resister a ces etrangers el infi

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of the larvae of the distomum cirrigerum. Its symptoms are high stiff

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Nouvelles sont venues de Rome que le signer Pietro Maza

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ex qui bus major haheret sex doctores et que quand Tun de

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