Constipation in acute intestinal obstruction is as a rule absolute. It

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granular or fatty Figs. 14 15. In other cases the muscular fibres

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resembling coagulated lymph spread over its inner surface. After

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swered oh whatever the rest eat which too frequently means pork

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exposure to the air or to the influence of other oxidising agents bilirubin

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In the cases which have happened to come under my care the

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by the nasal tube for several weeks was followed by recovery in one

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the biliary papilla but it may arise elsewhere and need not invade the

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shrinking of the tissues is a sign that water is urgently needed..

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afterwards the patient was again confined no abnormal symptoms

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into the fibrous sheaths of the nerves which control their functions.

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terminate fatally in diabetes this has been abundantly illustrated in

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seemed normal but the muscle was hypertrophied. After the operation

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fettered and paralyzed we are by the conditions in which we are born

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Lancereaux thought that pancreatic disease was invariably associated with

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diverticulum is the origin of the intussusception. Mr. Watson Cheyne

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eyeballs are protruded and feel as though they were starting from their

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mucous stools. In band abdominal distention is an early symptom

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by the irritation of particles of dust which are swallowed. Bouveret

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duced to prevent the carbonising of the sugar which is very apt to

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contents of the intestine from the lack of the same secretion.

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Rogers obtained very satisfactory results in the large majority of the

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Meckel s diverticulum causes trouble for the most part in childhood or in

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without assuming for them any less direct explanation. That the carbo

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kinds and a greater or less degree of muscular atrophy also call for

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Subsequent investigations stimulated by the work of Marie and

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In some cases in which faecal concretions are very hard to remove the

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secondary phenomena of the disease attacks of asthma palpitation giddi

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the mouth for six or better still for twelve hours before the operation.

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marked alteration in the character of the voice which was not very

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cated by the nerve contracts. We have then two organs entirely


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