such cases even if signs of stenosis of the intestine exist no certain

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although the sputum was already of the characteristic rusty hue. The

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An abdominal tumour is palpable in about 40 per cent of the cases.

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simulated by masses of faeces by external tumours adherent to the

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not that the affected joints are the seats of gross tuberculous lesions but

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membrane is nearly always smooth the submucosa is thickened especially

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Holt met with follicular ulcers in the intestine in twenty out of seventy

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whatever is suicidal in its effects upon one generation is by the

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attacks of violent pain in the region of the liver that in consultation

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Xone passed beyond the bulbous portion. A large incision was carried down

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General Subcutaneous Emphysema. Emphysema of the subcutaneous

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of the pathology of the affection other methods of relief were proposed

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ether alone A. 1 never had anything that appeared like it myself

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Incidence. The great majority of cases of gonorrhoeal rheumatism

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by steady friction before the fire until surface warmth and circulation

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spread or some circumstance may favour their dissemination from these

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lesions of the several organs concerned in the digestive process and

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mention. In Massachusetts three times as many deaths under fifteen

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the state of the pulse which is generally characteristic being rapid

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or permanent ensues. The excessive supply of carbohydrates whether

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tumours of the umbilicus derived from the vitelline duct see p. 771.

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strychnine sulphate with T 4 gr. of the atropia salt for each insertion.

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too before the administration of such remedies as arsenic and the

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to all this the sickening stench the conspicuous heaps of filth the

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tration of ether from the date of its introduction and from his intimate


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