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se rendre religieuse a demeure divers temps en plusieurs

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loss of appetite and by the appearance of a cough which

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water is permitted to run in thin threads through the

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thick coating. When chronic catarrh turns into phlegmonous

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considerable extent or the contents burst through the muscular

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by a rapid but small pulse and medium fever. In dogs the

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sought to prove the truth of his theory by a new kind of

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Dr. Peter Hood who was then a busy practitioner in Knights

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General Notes. This complaint offers more of interest

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manuscripts of their pungent passages for he had as is often

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OF the thousands of maimed men who flood the orthop edic

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the region of the kidneys of which the application of cold or

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quil lement. Le monde est assez tourmerite d autres fleaux dc

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garde il fill mort au lit d lionneur comme un vaillant homme.

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d imprimer notre manuscrit de feu M. Hofmann lequel je

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Notre M. Allain paralytique depuis un an a ete a Bour

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He noted that when a burden was carried on the shoulder it

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there insufficient to protect the raw surface from the stimu

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ter stands precisely as it would in man were the septum of

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sembles un de ces jours en notre Faculte. Je serai toute ma

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pourra sauver ni lui ni les siens n y pourrorit repondre.

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nivora. Uterine paralysis and rabies are infective diseases

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the bladder then he adopted the perineal route and such

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than slight inflammation which appeared very soon after

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Male Subject or on Persons not Child bearing. From Provincial

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establishment of consulting rooms in the west end of London.

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position with abdominal or ovarian cysts they remain constant.

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aujourd hui dans Dijon qui s appelle C. B. Morisot qui a fait

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persistently in the same stage. But we must not omit to

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phates in solution. And even all said what purpose can be

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tant d impostures de fraudes et de fables que les moines ont

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impediment acting as a stimulus on the part. Friction is

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the parenchyma of the liver in considerable numbers during formation

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inflammation. On post mortem examination besides signs of

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nerve is an outgrowth from and part of a nerve cell 2 the

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une epitre. Hier moururent ici deux hommes fort remar

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pair he did not wish to be trannnelled by the responsibilities

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ordinary dressing when the pus first appeared the progress

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first days that is from the third to the seventh but after

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words on the fossils of successive Tertiary periods. When

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placed upon the ventricles perceives the several pulsations

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propositions the following among the number will be dis

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regards medicines we may begin with a slight aperient especi

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IN the spring of 1862 John Hilton completed in the theatre

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rather higher in temperature and may even appear slightly

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are not known until after slaughter. Occasionally the presence

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machines. The arrangement and function of the serried

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ring. Stenosis due to narrowing of the lumen of the oesophagus

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innervation of diseases of the diaphragm and intestinal wall

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should then try to stop the diarrhcea by dietetic means sucb

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skin have of feeling stimuli applied not directly to them but

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Surgery in New York Post Graduate Medical School initiated

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supposed and by their liquefaction are providing a perfect film

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strated. In addition gelatinous infiltrations may be found in

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totle says though indeed it is of greater capacity in

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On dit ici que 1 assemblee du clerge qui est commencee ne

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eight times implicated and the bicuspid only four the valves

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females in that situation and never observed their cases

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realise that a graft of any kind when transplanted could

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few days to a month or six weeks. In more prolonged cases

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gained by experimenters in these cities. Yet all three surgeons

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disease does not appear to have the least tendency to pro

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par respect pour I antiquite selon que nos statuts le por

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suffering period of two years was relieved by a turn of the

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home to medical men that in the movements of the trunk

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dry eschar or slough is formed beneath which the healing

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and yet involuntary movements. He had accomplished in the

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of the vibrios in the bulb and those under the glass. In

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Anatomist had become particularly interested in the mechan

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To ascertain the principles which guided the practice of

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quickly produces paralysis of this muscle and leads to consequent

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de Venise qui doit envoyer quelque cbose pour mettre au Van

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the weakened set of muscles. If the knee is fixed in a flexed

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a creeping chronic endocarditis which is provoked by repeated

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especially when several animals become simultaneously affected

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Special causes. Here we have to consider chiefly the action

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ities of the disease might be unjustly discredited.

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cgothea qui seroit le feminin de egot teos comme maims Christ i

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font du mal et qui nous empechent de vivre a notre aise 1.

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Therapeutics. The treatment of stomatitis in dogs is

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at Lund. But it was as an anatomist of movement rather

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ture or in other words some deviation in the natural action

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formation of acid in the mouth caused by decomposing par

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spaces on section. This new growth seems to have arisen from

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to the pathological anatomist than to the clinicist. For one

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chance still hesitate like all who have come after him even

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the opponents of gravity situated on the opposite side of the

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ferments there will be as in the case of a given sugar as


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