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arthritis they appear to do more harm than good. There is no evidence

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fold being most afiected. The thickening was caused partly by the

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maladies which implicate the joints and whether it should be regarded

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the cause of dysphagia. A pharyngeal pouch may be felt to swell up

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greater frequency of coexisting tuberculous disease of the intestines or

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that time to the Hindus. In a Cingalese writing of the fifteenth century

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allowed. The duration of this dietary depends on the condition

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Much more must the clot favour bacterial growth when organisms are

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nor inflamed and therefore are not adherent. Torsion of the intussus

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clean and moist the appetite ravenous the patient crying out for food

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suspending fibres are shortened the intestinal loops are dragged towards

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thickening of the mucoperiosteum may be caused by the teeth and

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Among the drugs which assist the function of digestion through the

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may have been caused by a draught of cold air in accordance with

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But in my own cases they have always been mixed with faeces either

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bodies such as pins. For instance a youth was travelling about although

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some cases severe frontal headache which comes on before breakfast and

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Most fantastic knots have been described when coils of gut passed

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of the tuberculous peritonitis may the disease be described as fibrous

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essential in extreme cases however they are generally at work.

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inflammatory process is also marked by a very distinct pigmentation of

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therefore opened her abdomen and found the central part of her transverse

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aged twenty seven years slipped from the fingers and disappeared in

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Abscess. Tan years ago the patient noticed after riding a small painful

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THIS is a rare and remarkable example of the obscure affections of bone

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used as follows a blistering plaster was first applied to the whole

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present all the microscopic appearances of sarcoma which is both

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or pressing on the organ it was evidently not diseased then but she


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