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relative frequency. It is based on the bacteriological examination of

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begun their invasion. It has confused tuberculosis and cancer and

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described by Dr. Bannatyne. Among the twenty three cases of which I

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fluid accumulates it presents all degrees of distension especially if

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tives and clear out the intestine while the slight amount of tannic acid

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take place in the organism constituting inflammation or inflammatory

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siderable doses which treatment was soon followed by alleviation of

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of stomach contents into the duodenum. According to Johnston vomiting

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requires more detailed subdivision into 1 ileo caecal 2 ileo colic

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A few words from the Editorial department would help many of us and

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other kind of enjoyment or indulgence even sleep which often cannot

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that although some intestinal ulcers found in the subjects of Bright s

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ry has a definite region to nourish and does so independently of its

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nature of the trouble had been ascertained which of course could

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but it cannot be said that any are wholly satisfactory. The facts clearly

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to have an influence in rendering the bowel secretions favourable to the

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careful regulation of the diet and attention to the bowels the relief

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ining her clothing I found she had on corsets and that they were

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spasm is much commoner than paralysis. It may occur in cerebral tumour

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disturbance which attends the arthritis is chiefly dependent upon other

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should be made gradually with the tips of the finger and end with

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no precipitation can occur until this point is reached. Yet with fluids

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not certain that the internal secretory activity of these glands is their

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apparent disregard of anatomical boundaries. Thus in one case under

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Laryngotomy was performed and attempts were then regularly made

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A striking peculiarity will be observed in the two first and last

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Such then being the condition of the majority of American women


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