the amount of the subperiosteal bone varies from the normal to as many

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upon medical treatment nor upon altered dietetic habits but are

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cause or origin and manifest themselves by reason of that system

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not by any means rest with the healthiest districts.

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peritoneal tissues may long remain. An exception to the total dis

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attention has been drawn to improvement or recovery after removal of

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alimentary canal may occur at the junction of the duodenum with the

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attacks nor does strapping or bandaging arrest the effusion which

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Vomiting now usually ceases but small watery motions continue to

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cal investigation. A student of histology could scarcely desire a bet

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Continental writers describe the direct infection of the mouth by the

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level of the umbilicus crossing the 10th llth and 12th ribs the kidney

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No elevation of temperature on the other hand attended the passage

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beginning in the vermiform appendix and spreading to the structures in

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Alcoholic Beverages. The highly important part played by certain

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sults thus far obtained in this operation the patients operated upon

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A striking peculiarity will be observed in the two first and last

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I found the small intestines in vigorous peristalsis waves of contraction

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or lower part of the sigmoid flexure. Should the sigmoid flexure be

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GANGRENE or THE STOMACH. Pathology. A gangrenous condition

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first symptom we have to inquire into the history and the presence of

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restraint and the growth of the micro organisms is rapid. But so

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between the umbilicus and the costal arch as an indurated mass. If

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These productions have formerly been described as ossifications of

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certainly known and very probably never will be positively deter


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