The CO 2 in venous blood raises the 2 tension by increasing the

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mouth through the salivary glands. When quinine is given at the same

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sole work of this character. This may be explained by the fact that

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sometimes noticed. The abdomen becomes more and more swollen in

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cause constipation and that consequently cases of cardiac or hepatic

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actual inspection should be a reason for excessive rather than defective

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was a lady thirty seven years of age who had been six times

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more frequently they are passed the thinner they become. Usually they

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trunks. In a remarkable case recorded by Lazarus a temporary para

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children one with chronic osteitis and the other with caries of the

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The general dietetic treatment has already been given under Dyspepsia

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however they apparently have but little clinical significance although

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appears to have been due rather to constricting adhesions than to true

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the pharynx. The patient may t ien be etherized through the tube.

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may be localised or if they become general do so somewhat more

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also to the Boston Medical and Surgical.Journal and to the local papers.

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blood passes out of the body by the kidneys and glycosuria transient

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before the other is affected ultimately he believes that both eyes are

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It has been supposed by some authors that in peristaltic action the

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rheumatism and so forth. As yet these assumptions do not rest upon

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tendency is towards recovery the chief question is the degree of bony

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Journals report a frightful outbreak of typhoid fever in their city

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probably due to haemorrhage from the edges of the fistula and from the

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other recorded cases Peregrine Handfield Jones and a further case has

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that inebriating vapor in the lungs may be the equivalent of similar

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which shows what progress the profession has already made in the

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sometimes afford relief frequently they fail. In other cases a pint of

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When appendicitis causes acute abdominal abscess the signs are those

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the submaxillary secretion is rich in mucin and contains but traces of the

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As the condition progresses obstructive symptoms such as distension

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