The question of the definite specific causation of disease has long

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the Medical and Surgical Reporter written by Dr. William L. Martin

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pressure of business frequently compels people to spend as little time as

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seemed normal but the muscle was hypertrophied. After the operation

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and keep his mouth open. If now the abdominal muscles are not relaxed

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deal with considerable amounts of extra fluid without leaving any

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of whom it is a lifelong habit cases are however recorded in normal

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centage of these salts as compared with cartilage and fibrous tissue and

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appendicitis is followed by pain tenderness and swelling in the region of

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simulate carcinoma especially when from ulceration blood and pus appear

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muscular colon will lead to distension of the caecum. This however

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The interesting process of implantation from a growth in one part of

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creatised milk diluted with an equal quantity of water should be substi

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a part by increasing the time during which the contents can damage and

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shock such as chill. The solar plexus may propagate the effect of

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corsets in the long funnel shaped chests of those with the Habitus

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articular lesions. Sodium salicylate is of little or no avail and though

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At the necropsy thirty six hours after death the abdomen was

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several cases in which he gave quinia to pregnant women. His ex

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in determining the precipitation of biurates but this hypothesis scarcely

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Virginia lately Surgeon in the Provisional Army of the Confede

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renal disease may be suspected as I shall point out farther on. Boils

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plasmon proton alcohol and salt. They should be administered in a

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local large quantities may be given to quite young children without fear

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order to render the comparison more complete and instructive the table

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THESE diseases strictly speaking belong to the sphere of the surgeon.

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The best tests for the different substances are given and the action


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