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in the stomach or intestines in such a manner as more or less

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form lenticular or even larger and give the mucous membrane

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ment of the knee joint was dispelled by three discoveries

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filled with excrement chiefly composed of bony particles. In

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ically upon the morbid matter such as the solutions of the vitnolum zinci

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covered with a plate of clean metal such as block tin fitting

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Pour votre medecin de Lyon nomine Picole nil quidcm

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mucous membrane reveals mucous degeneration of the columnar

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or bone. Consequently the normal quantity of blood cannot

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great for him if his attention was needed to effect a cure. I

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Hunter was not so wide of the mark when he ascribed a form

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of the disturbance depending on the exact site of the lesion.

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a minute. The ears and horns are alternatively hot and cold

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Critiques toute latine est achevee en Angleterre en huit

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attendre le boiteux pour savoir la decision de cette grande af

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slighter cases of lateral curvature cases in which all deformity

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of the traumatic form. Bumm differentiates between a streptococci

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which is broken by the great distance at which it is given.

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paedics to live in a period when men were convinced that

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not confounded completely with alcoholic fermentation

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followed by certain secondary adaptative changes in the external

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Casaubon. Ainsi j avoue que je pourrois bien etre votre ecolier

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Prurigo can seldom be cured and many succumb to the prolonged in

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mitis 2. hsematozoon subulatum or strongylus subulatus or

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M. Pecquet m a visile hier ceans avec MM. de Sorbiere et

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attention was drawn to an essential point in the physiology of

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from a state of contraction into one of instant relaxation

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Ne serez vous point toute tonne voire meme tout ravi de joie

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appearance of living teeth but in most cases they did not

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ture and haemorrhage of the liver may both occur. Treatment should

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depuis 1572 lorsque 1 amiral de Chatillon f ut tue cruellement

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II y a du bruit en Hollande. Le prince d Orange est contre

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adjuteur de Narbonne 1 autre est procureur general et sur

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de maladie de proces et de querelle. Voila ce que je vous

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ici queique temps et puis s en est retourne a la Rochelle.

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Hollandois sont superbes ledit seigneur a 1 un et 1 autre et a

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in cattle. Compare the paragraph on eclampsia in dogs in

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I went directly from her room a few rods and attended

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although we have ample evidence of the great experimental

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tendency to stoop then a game in which a light burden

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croupous diphtheritic phlegmonous cystitis pericystitis

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When some fanciful speculations of this kind had amused

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in verminous aneurism. In all these cases the catarrh is not

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instantly relieved by dry cupping and yet we cannot explain

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at the beginning and during the earlier developments of the

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comparison of the other symptoms differentiation should

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has also passed from the great veins through the heart into

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edge upon this point I should consider such doubts merely

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The establishment from time to time of numerous points

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laquais bottes et de ces corps glorieux qui ne seront de long

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a rule will quickly increase. The appetite is lost the muzzle

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tibia and fibula suture it to the dorsum of the foot and thus

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mon conseil il ra onvoie un coureur gris qui me porte la en

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variety of circumstances may have caused the births to be

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combined to form a functional whole by the spinal cord and

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the contortions and violent plunging of the animal are in

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Nous avons parmi nous un Ph. Morisset mais point de Mo

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penetrated by proliferations of interstitial connective tissue being

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ration. A gentle laxative Glauber s salt is also to be recom

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that they are transmitted by inheritance by breeding from

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M. le due d Orleans qui a aussit6t mande son conseil pour

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vinegar weak solutions of sublimate i ij per i ooo. Internal

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connective tissue. In severe cases the submaxillary and sub

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application and memory are but the letters of the muscular

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scious of a sensation of warmth and of something viz. a

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S il veut faire lemauvais je lui ferai connoitre que j ai des

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axillary or brachial artery and only in very rare cases in the

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cette vilaine bete metaphysique cornue et fort affreuse a ce

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staring and the temperature of the limbs cold. These symptoms

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tacked with and died of a similar disease two more of his

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core quelques petits traites si cela arrive cela sera cause que

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connoit commo si elle m avoit nourri. Oh que j auvois ete

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