the nature of this may be. Bretonneau strongly recommended bella

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ticulum may terminate in a rounded knob or ampulla. Should this band

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established. When one is passed just before death it is because asphyxia

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contraction caries and deformity. This patient being under ether he pro

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insalivation but it does not prevent dilution of the gastric juice. A

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fibroid change slowly supervenes. Even the ulcerous form in favourable

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declared. Then follows a process of recovery with restoration of the

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spoonful. Lister howevei says that except for those rare cases of death

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wall. The Fen wicks analysis of 351 cases shews that a difference obtains

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tend to prevent piles by avoiding the local pressure in the rectum which

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Chicago Medical Journal for August. A large femoral hernia three

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which have successively affected him. Those influences may be such

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apertures are in broad membranous adhesions in the suspensory liga

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the hepatic flexure of the colon which haunts the victims of melancholia

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should always wipe the parts with a sponge wrung out of a saturated

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speculum and reflected light. I have known delirium convulsions

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mucous membrane comes to resemble the skin even that of the palm.

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toneal covering becomes rough and also that of the neighbouring ileum

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employed by Fleiner following the recommendation of Kussmaul.

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stomach as a whole is sometimes considerably enlarged often unaltered

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this information is to be got by other means. My first siphoned

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among the younger men who have made electro therapeutics a

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within the abdomen. The visceral ptosis is due to the relaxation of the

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So far the description refers to intra cartilaginous ossification but

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the causation of duodenal carcinoma because ulcer is almost confined to

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bacillus may be observed. Probably it like lactic acid is only indicative

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well diluted with water and every care must be taken not to overtax

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posed to demonstrate the usual treatment of this aflection by ph sicians and

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difference exists as to the range of mobility of the tumours but their

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is peculiar and suggestive of the reigning diathesis. The joint is at first

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terspersed with the history of several cases of more than ordinary in

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nine volumes of distilled water the burette is then filled with the diluted

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majority were in the ileo caecal region tumour like tuberculosis of

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infected sputum from tuberculous lungs is discussed elsewhere see article

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the efficacy of hypnosis in nervous maladies is supported by something

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of morphine in an aromatic mixture should be given before the food. As

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The condition can hardly be diagnosed before the abdomen is opened

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conditions regularly associated with the bone lesion and in proportion to

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October 14th 1873 entered Charity Hospital October 16th 4i P.M. with

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petrous bone are tlie largest those in the squamous bone over tho

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The eye ball on removal was found atrophied its tunics partly disorgan

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completely contradicted as it is by the Registrar General s Eeports would


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