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disease and it is as a rule unaccompanied by vomiting or by rigidity

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ossification of like character. This hyperplasia is generally regarded as

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its neighbourhood. Amongst these typhlitis and perityphlitis

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may either spontaneously untwist or if they remain twisted may only

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Tieghem and Tappeiner state that the butyric acid bacillus is capable of

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By combining a number of published statistics Brill found that of 3563

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a well marked digestion leucocytosis this is wanting in gastric cancer.

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obstruction was supposed to be in the small intestine. Experience has

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voluminous body was felt. The woman stated that on account of great

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see in the pylorus itself is presumably irremediable. In chronic

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of saliva on starch is maltose the reaction may be expressed by the

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essential that it should be derived from an animal of the same species.

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symptoms very closely resembling those found in sub or supra phrenic

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obstruction had apparently occurred. For other diverticula see

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pathological conditions. The erupting tooth is not driven through the

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exceptionally this may become a severe oedematous stomatitis with

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result is paralysis of the cardio inhibitory centre and the pulse becomes

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but no fluid or gas passed out. The ordinary operation for stran

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was occasioned by sea sickness. Women who may or may not be

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ballooned up to the fourth rib and extended to the posterior axillary

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lished in the Transactions of that body about one year and a half

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inated causal factor could not have taken effect had not the sufferer been

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inflammation. The vomited matters are at first such material as the

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of more acid bodies in the proteolytic cells which may dissolve out the

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school which has now been in operation over twelve years and has

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bodies bear a very close resemblance to those occurring in so called

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urine is of usual or sometimes of increased specific gravity and careful

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formed and the patient recovered. In Elliott s case forty eight inches of

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general relaxation of the nervous system the patient should select a

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causes the agitation the gaspings and the paroxysmal modes of recurrence

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In these seventeen cases the urine was carefully analysed over a series of

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times favour the development of inflammation of the pancreas just as

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recovery after the cause of the obstruction has been removed. On the

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lungs of horses attacked by gangrenous pneumonia. Spontaneous


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