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may give with a teaspoon astringent solutions of alum tannin

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cord this mechanism may break down from several causes.

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SIR CHARLES LYELL was born near Kirriemuir Forfarshire

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muscles nerves and reflex centres. He had extended the

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subject no less than on account of the necessity we were

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wards susceptible of the primary action of the cow pox

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membrane may be markedly congested changed in colour to

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to grass. Even putting them on corn during the winter has an

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present the application of massage will increase the degree

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one or both testicles are retained in the inguinal canal or in the

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In chronic cases the mucous membrane is pale thickened

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also a chronic case of poisoning by wild poppies in horses after

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subject I flattered myself what they imagined to be the cow

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sera la fillede M. de Longueville ainsi tout se prend tout

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this mostly at the lower end of the septum near the apex and

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and wanders into various organs where after losing its hooks

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nications mais je trouve etcrois forternent que quiconque a

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in fishes serpents birds and very many genera of animals

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voir 1 academie des beaux esprits 1 et y a honore de sa

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respects the appearances are described as mainly those de

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auscultation and experimental puncture inspection and palpa

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the disturbed circulation were not hindrances to repair and to

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physician the disease not existing or prevailing in the

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an observation on the case of the farmer communicated to

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qui sont en danger d en mourir pour les diverses blessures

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ing. We nuist be able to explain the behaviour of nmscles

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jeune homme aflame de gagner. et bien juif a mon gre su

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which resulted from a weakness of the spinal musculature. It

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of liver complaint produced by coccidia in the kidneys compare p. 261.

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later on becomes exfoliated in the form of scales or little bran

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fa ire un tour en Hollande ou ses affaires dotnestiques 1 ap

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tracted and somewhat resembles a wire. As the pulse grows

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en chemin d Angleterre pour quelques additions qu on y a

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du miel du sucre et de la scammonee siticulosum medicamen

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the passage of faeces or on palpation of the diaphragm also

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calm which arise in immediate connection with the act of birth

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They give off a remarkably disagreeable acid smell and are some

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and shell fish. They also become more distinct in warm

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from their official status and worldly position. Hunter and

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The case I am to cite is told by Dr. Wharton Hood as

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Tapeworms in the other domestic animals horses cattle.

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apparently irreconcilable methods have been reconunended in

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general practitioner waiting for patients in the Kensington

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avec deux moines augustins me proposer le dessein qu il avoit

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of them most rare and unconnected in their nature which

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became thicker than their untransplanted counterparts. He

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The upper bone is laid open. The pellets which were

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outer bars to represent the complete sheath. He saw that

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un livre d armoiries et que par apres il imprimera une His

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give a satisfactory explanation of the position assumed by the


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