We have obtained a glimpse of the status and practice of

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exudation often half an inch thick. Abscesses may be found

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periments of Messrs. Lechartier and Bellamy and in our

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the muscles by the will. Exercises and gymnastics had not

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more subject to mechanical action viz. the head bridle the

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In his pictured arc there were no nerve cells a score of years

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serviteur et que je le serai toute ma vie tachez qu il vous

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effects excited by the violation of the tissues. Gentle massage

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Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University of Edinburgh 1833 1869.

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been ill in spite of its presence there. In other cases frequent

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who assumes that ennui prompts the first animal to eat wool.

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number worlds beyond the unassisted ken of mortal eye but

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dark fluid blood and local inflammation. No other sign is

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and carefully mapped out an area of the skin on the outer

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was during this inquiry that Beevor s attention was directed

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diseases are however separate morbid conditions although

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et marie jeudi prochain. La paix du prince de Conde n est ni

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grows visibly thinner. Then follows slight jaundice tenderness

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Duhaniel and Flourens During the short period which he

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Process. In benign cases and in young animals the ulcers

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and the use they made of it in their modes of treatment.

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that operation of Nature he saw that the functional state of

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M. Basset de Lyon demande a ses juges d etre examine

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it should have quitted or quit the part where its presence

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of pasturage conduces to blue milk especially if the latter have

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nise a traumatic form which is produced by mechanical

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If the course of the disease be unfavourable we may

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morphia may produce undue excitement with a wild desire to

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has not unfrequently seen the disease end fatally in cattle.

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nudtitude of functional and clinical conditions which his

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carried out. The prognosis of laparotomy is naturally un

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semilunar cartilages or the interposition of a foreign body

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the whole blood in the body of the veins as well as of

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Encouraged by this result we undertoook fresh experi

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backward movement of the blood in the auricle is carried on

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see him apply his ripest experience to the treatment of ortho

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fall or wrench e.g. during colic after contusion in the region of

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cardium. Echinococci occasion sometimes tumour like swell

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such treatment suffices. We should give small rations of

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notres qui spe lucri s echappoient de nous et se laissoient

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viere en la detourimnt avant qu elle entre dans Paris soil

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Roberts has pointed out is equally applicable to muscles.

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was the first to recotinise this condition as a distinct clinical

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considerable although all the time we are dealing with the

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cidences which has given rise to the unpleasant but often

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stance which like other unstable substances liberates heat

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or with her new born infant upon her bosom should be the

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diarrhoea along with an ever increasing emaciation weakness

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permetleur assemblee que pour quatre mois qui est le terme

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mais les imprimeurs enragent de nouveautes qui est une

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ing properties similar to those of the lactate. Why could not this Fait

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being provided with one or more clearly marked dilatation.


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